May 28, 2024

NMC warns hospitals to face licence cancellation if they do not submit fire audits


Following the devastating fire at a game reserve in Rajkot, Gujarat, the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) Health Department has issued reminders to hospitals in the city that have not conducted fire audits. If the reports are not submitted, the Health Department has warned that it will revoke the licences of non-compliant hospitals. Though the Fire Department has the responsibility to order audits and take action, so far only notices have been issued and no concrete action has been taken.

Of the 622 hospitals in the city, 247 are yet to submit their fire inspection reports and the fire department is yet to disconnect water and electricity connections to these hospitals.

Dr Tanaji Chavan, chief medical and health officer, NMC, said, “Following the Rajkot Games Zone fire tragedy, the health department has sent reminders to hospitals that did not comply with the fire audit. However, in case of non-cooperation, the licence of the hospitals in question will be cancelled.”

Hospital Fire

In recent years, hospital fires have been on the rise across the state, causing huge financial losses and loss of life. Fire audits have therefore been made mandatory for private hospitals. Every January, the civic body issues fire audit notices. This year, 622 hospitals in the city were directed to obtain a certificate from the health department confirming that their fire protection systems are in good condition. The deadline for submitting the reports was February 18. To date, 375 hospitals have submitted their fire audit reports, while 247 hospitals are yet to do so.

The Fire Department had issued 15-day notices to hospitals that had not submitted the reports, but many hospitals did not comply. As a result, the Fire Department was expected to cut off water and electricity connections to these hospitals, only to issue further notices. However, the Health Department has now taken the initiative and sent reminder letters to hospitals that had not conducted fire audits.


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