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Empowering Your Energy Future: Expert Audit, Consultancy, and Studies Services

Energy Consultancy

Welcome to Elion, your trusted partner in energy audit, consultancy, and studies. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to empower your business with efficient and sustainable energy solutions. From meticulous energy audits to expert consultancy, we offer a holistic approach to energy optimization. Our services encompass Power Quality Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Load Analysis, Arc Flash Studies, Lighting Risk Assessment, Transient Surge Analysis, PAT Consultancy, Relay Condition Assessment, and ETAP Studies. At Elion, we are committed to driving energy efficiency, enhancing operational safety, and providing tailored insights to propel your success in a dynamic energy landscape.

Our Services

Power Quality Analysis

Power Quality Analysis

Uncover and mitigate power issues for uninterrupted operations.
Harmonic Analysis

Harmonic Analysis

Ensure smooth system functioning by addressing disruptive harmonics.
Arc Flash Assessment

Arc Flash Study

Safeguard your workforce by assessing potential electrical arc risks.