About Us

Welcome to Elion, a reputed consulting firm in the fields Energy, Power, Safety and Technology. We work overtime to ensure that our customers are getting the very best in available technology and the most prudent advice at the most reasonable of prices. We believe that excellence in business can be achieved by leveraging available technology in order to optimize costs and it is this principle which guides our team of experts and advisors while they draw upon their many years of experience across a broad range of industries.

Our team of consultants is built from a dynamic mix of young professionals guided by industry veterans who have respectively accumulated over four decades of experience as Safety, Electrical, Mechanical, and Chemical Engineers as well as retired Defense Personnel. Although our roots are in New Delhi, our firm has grown to the point where we now have a Pan Indian presence, with teams located in and around all major industrial centers such as Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

No matter what type of facility you have, whether it is a power plant, an industrial facility, a simple building, a school, college campus, hotel, a petrochemical plant or a hospital we have all the equipment necessary to carry out Energy Audits, Safety and Security Audits, Safety Trainings, Infrared Thermography, Power Quality Analysis’, Water Audits and to provide Telecom and IT Solutions. We are also proud to say that we are BEE Certified Energy Auditors.
We are a well-established name in the industry who has been delivering the highest quality of service to our customers at all times and we are immensely proud of our stellar reputation for delivering work that is both technically sound and competently completed.

We urge you to contact us with any of you Energy, Power, Safety or Technology Audit requirements and invite you to place your trust in the solid technical knowledge of our consultants today.

Energy Audit and Conservation

Our company understands that efficient energy consumption has become crucial to the economic success of even the smallest business. We identify potential methods for optimizing your energy management, analyze the possibilities for increasing your savings and then implement the measures that will permanently reduce your energy costs.

Our team includes Energy Auditors with BEE Certification who have over two decades of expertise in carrying out Energy Audits across a range of industries including power and industrial plants, office and residential buildings, hospitals, hotels and more. They will complete a thorough evaluation of your current electrical and heat consumption using the best current practices and equipment. They will then deliver an energy saving proposal which includes a repayment plan for current outstanding debt related to energy use in order to reduce your electrical and heating costs.

Safety Audit

At Elion, we believe in nurturing a strong culture of safety and strive to ensure our clients always have a safe working environment. Elion has the ability to deliver a powerful blend of technical, operational and business know-how integrated with sector-specific regulatory and risk management skills.

Our experience will help you to implement sustainable safety practices that can be applied throughout the production cycle. Our services include Health and Safety Audit, Electrical Safety Audits, Fire Audit, Chemical Safety Audits, Environmental and Risk Management consultancy services for commercial buildings, manufacturing units, small,medium and large industrial plants as well as office premises.

Infrared Thermography

Elion teams are equipped with high quality thermal imaging equipment which produce accurate, real time, high resolution images. These images are used to detect problems that might otherwise go unnoticed. These problems include but are not limited to loose connections and poor contacts,unbalanced electrical loads,overloading and overheating of electrical circuits, moisture trapped in flat roofs, refractory/insulation degradation in boilers and ovens, and bearing problems in mechanical equipment.

This thermographic analysis will allow for remedial works to be undertaken long before system failures cause costly stoppages in production.

Power Quality Analysis

A Power Quality Analysis is conducted by our fully qualified, experienced Electrical Engineer in order to detect the causes of inconsistent delivery of energy supplies. This particular problem can lead to power outages, constant tripping of certain circuit breakers, overheating in integrated systems and fluctuating voltages. Our expert personnel understand the data as a whole, not just the individual values.

Due to the wide use of sensitive electronic equipment and non linear loads for all industrial, commercial and domestic applications, Power Quality Analysis has gained vital importance. The Elion team understands that improved Power Quality has a positive impact on the sustained profitability of their clients.

Safety Training

We carry out on site safety training programs in order to ensure that all employees know and understand all risks present in the facility. We also ensure that they understand and practice all risk control measures and are fully aware of emergency procedures. Our safety training programs are customized as per the client’s process requirements.

Security Audit

The Elion Team employs several retired defense personnel who are experts in the field of conducting Theft & Security Audits. Every location is vulnerable to threats from a number of sources, be it physical theft, industrial espionage, health and safety risks to employees and/or natural disasters. Even the most comprehensive of security systems and procedures lose their effectiveness when theyare not constantly updated and monitored.We conduct a thorough investigation of your entire facility to determine possible threats to security and ensure that appropriate procedures are in place to handle these threats.

Water Audit

With our Water Conservation Audit we help our clients to reduce their water consumption and associated costs, securing both financial and environmental benefits. When conducting a Water Audit our team will check your Water, Waste Water, Surface and DrainageCharges and compare your consumption to industry standards. While conducting this audit we also detect where water leaks are occurring and also evaluate the recycling of your ‘waste’ water.

Telecom & IT Solution

We ensure that you are always incontact with your customers through value added services such as Bulk SMS services,IVR Management, Voice and Email Blasts, management and creation of email lists, use of SMS Short Code and Social Media Marketing. We consolidate these into a single solution in order to deliver a cost effective solution that increases productivity. We also offer complete campaign management for product launches,events,special promotions and more.