For Quick response for all types of Thermography Audit in India you can mail [email protected] or call us at 9013890526 or Whatsapp by Clicking here. Elion is carrying out Thermography for all types of Buildings and Industries including Hotels, Hospital, Residential, School, Manufacturing Industries, Chemical Plants, Power Plants, FMCG, Moulding, Mines and many more.

At Elion we conduct infrared thermal imaging of machinery and electrical panels, helping us to detect faults before they become major issues. Our thermal imaging equipment produces accurate real time high resolution images; enabling engineers to detect problems that might otherwise go unnoticed. This gives you the opportunity to undertake remedial works prior to costly system failures or production stoppages occurring. Using infrared thermography is effective across all sectors in helping to reduce maintenance costs and even identify possible improvements.

With help of thermography analysis we can analyze the patterns within the surface temperatures to detect a problem before it manifests itself in a costly system failure; thereby saving hundreds of thousands of rupees. It is an excellent diagnostic maintenance tool that improves both efficiency and reliability of plant systems. Thermography surveys are conducted while your equipment is working and under normal operational conditions, any problems will be quickly located allowing you time to schedule maintenance when it is convenient for your business.

Electrical systems are the most critical infrastructure within office buildings and industrial applications. There are considerable benefits to be gained by protecting these systems and reducing unplanned stoppages. Electrical Thermography serves this purpose and helps you to detect any electric problem before it arises.

Statistics reveal that electrical equipment damage and lost connections cause 25% -30% of all failures to switchboards, switches, circuit breakers and cables. This type of fault is easy to detect using Infrared cameras. The Elion team will trace, quantify and trend the fault, allowing the management of the site to plan repairs during scheduled stoppages instead of the panic reaction involved when sudden failure occurs, let alone the possible risk of fire which can be catastrophic for personnel and business. Our thermography survey helps you to reduce the down time which will cost your business in lost production time.

We recommend regular thermography surveys of the following types of equipment:

• Fuse boards
• Distribution boards
• Busbar systems
• Control panels
• High voltage and medium voltage systems
• Power line connections and insulators
• Switchgear
• Electronic components
• UPS and battery systems
• PLC connections
• Motor control centers
• Transformer
• DG Set

Mechanical Thermography

Elion technologies carry out Mechanical Thermography on your mechanical installations in a fast and cost-effective manner to locate faults on your equipment with no disruption to the running of your business.

As with electrical inspections Thermography has proved invaluable in a number of industries for mechanical inspections. The principal behind mechanical inspections is that when in operation all mechanical equipment will generate certain thermal patterns, these patterns can change significantly due to friction, lack of lubrication, lack of efficient cooling, etc.

Typical faults that can be identified using thermography are:

• Misalignment, unbalance
• Machine and component looseness
• Damaged shafts, vanes and blades
• Bearing defects, cracks and spills
• Gear defects
• Improper lubrication

Under floor heating pipe work can often get damaged and by using our Thermography survey the location of under floor heating pipes can be easily identified in order to position load carrying supports or dig holes. Also the efficiency of the heating system can be checked and any leaks identified, allowing for effective repair.

Boiler & Furnace Thermography

Elion technologies carry out Industrial Thermography for your boiler, furnace and other equipment. Small problems in your boiler, burner, ovens and furnace can lead to big problems. Elion Thermography Consultancy can help you to reduce down time and detect the problem before it occurs.

Elion Thermography surveys can help you to identify any refractory/insulation degradation in boilers and ovens. We can easily detect both hot spots and cold spots with our thermography analysis.

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