May 30, 2024

Fire department begins safety audit of hospitals and other buildings in Prayagraj


Following recent fires at a hospital in Delhi and a gambling den in Rajkot, killing many people, including children and infants, the Prayagraj fire department swung into action and launched a massive effort to audit fire safety measures in buildings like shopping malls, multiplex cinemas, apartments, wedding halls, hotels, guest houses and hospitals.

Fire department officials are conducting a fire safety audit at a hospital in Prayagraj. (HT) Fire department officials are conducting a fire safety audit at a hospital in Prayagraj. (HT)

The department is laying emphasis on safety measures in hospitals, including public and private ones. Over the last two days, fire department teams have conducted fire safety audits of around 120 hospitals in different regions. Notices will be issued to hospitals if they do not follow fire safety guidelines within a week, fire officials said.

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Fire chief RK Pandey said 10 teams had been formed to carry out fire safety audits of buildings and hospitals in the district between May 26 and June 6. Two teams each have been formed at Naini and Civil Lines fire stations while one team has been formed for fire safety audits of Meja, Bara, Koraon, Handia, Phulpur and Soloan fire stations.

The teams are focusing on hospitals, especially those where children are admitted for treatment. Over the last two days, the fire department teams have carried out audits of 120 hospitals in Civil Lines, Naini, Kareli, Dumanganj and also in rural areas.

The teams found anomalies in fire safety measures at Bhagwati Children's Hospital, Railway Hospital in Civil Lines, Naaz Hospital in Kareli, Surya Hospital in Naini, Dr Govind Ram Memorial Trust Hospital in Naini, Vinayak Medicare Centre in Naini, Pragati Clinic in Naini, Janani Hospital in Naini, Sharma Hospital in Kartina, Bhoomi Hospital in Naini and Sai Hospital in Naini.The hospital authorities have been given a week's time to ensure proper fire safety measures are in place or notices will be issued, CFO Pandey added.

Besides hospitals, fire department teams are also conducting fire safety audits of wedding halls, restaurants, guest houses, shopping malls etc in urban and rural areas. Fire department officials have found irregularities in fire safety measures in many of these buildings and have issued warnings to their owners.

Besides, mock drills were also conducted at SN Hospital in Gaurhania, Sachan Hospital in Iradutganj area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTrans Yamuna, Bhagirathi Naini Hotel, three restaurants and a commercial establishment.


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