December 26, 2023

Industrial Safety Training Program for Gas Bottling Plant in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh


Elion Technologies and Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is proud to showcase a successful collaboration with a leading Gas Bottling Plant in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. Our client, a significant player in the energy industry, engaged our expertise to conduct a specialized Industrial Safety Training Program, aligning with the stringent guidelines outlined in OISD (Oil Industry Safety Directorate) 154.

Operating in the gas bottling industry, our client faced the critical challenge of ensuring the highest standards of safety for their personnel and operations. With the industry-specific safety guidelines outlined in OISD 154, the client recognized the need for a tailored Industrial Safety Training Program that addressed the unique risks and protocols associated with gas bottling. They entrusted Elion Technologies with the responsibility of developing and delivering a comprehensive safety training initiative.

Safety and Training by Elion Technologies

Scope of Work

Elion Technologies and Consulting Pvt Ltd designed a specialized Industrial Safety Training Program tailored to the gas bottling plant’s operations and OISD 154 guidelines. The scope of our work included:

Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification:

    • In-depth analysis of the gas bottling plant to identify potential risks and hazards associated with the handling, storage, and transportation of liquefied gases.

Customized Training Modules:

    • Development of industry-specific training modules covering topics such as emergency response procedures, safe handling of hazardous materials, and fire safety in accordance with OISD 154.

Practical Simulation Exercises:

    • Conducting realistic simulation exercises to provide hands-on experience for personnel in dealing with emergency situations and implementing safety protocols.

Regulatory Compliance Assurance:

    • Ensuring that the training program adhered to OISD 154 guidelines and other relevant safety regulations, providing the client with a robust framework for compliance.

Implementation: Our team of experienced safety trainers and consultants executed the Industrial Safety Training Program with a focus on practicality and relevance to the gas bottling industry. The program involved interactive sessions, workshops, and on-site simulations to enhance the understanding and retention of safety protocols.

Outcome: Elion Technologies and Consulting Pvt Ltd’s Industrial Safety Training Program delivered significant outcomes for our client:

  1. Enhanced Safety Culture: The training initiative contributed to the establishment of a strong safety culture within the gas bottling plant, fostering a mindset of safety-consciousness among personnel.
  2. Emergency Preparedness: Personnel gained practical experience and confidence in responding to emergencies, ensuring a swift and coordinated reaction to potential incidents.
  3. Compliance Verification: The client received assurance that the Industrial Safety Training Program aligned with OISD 154 guidelines and other relevant safety regulations.
  4. Reduction in Incidents: The program’s focus on hazard identification and practical training contributed to a noticeable reduction in safety incidents within the plant.


Elion Technologies and Consulting Pvt. Ltd.’s commitment to excellence in Industrial Safety Training significantly contributed to our client’s ability to maintain a secure and compliant gas bottling plant in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. We continue to be a trusted partner for organizations seeking to elevate safety standards in their operations.

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