October 31, 2023

Ensuring Electrical Safety at the Moradabad Bus Charging Depot


In today’s world, ensuring the safety of electrical equipment and systems is paramount, especially in places where high-powered electrical chargers and lighting arrestors are in use. This case study delves into the comprehensive electrical audit carried out by Elion Technologies and Consulting Private Limited at the Bus Charging Depot in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. The focus of our audit was to assess the safety of electrical equipment, chargers, lighting arrestors, and earthing systems, highlighting the role of a safety auditor in maintaining electrical safety.

Electrical safety audit

The Importance of Electrical Safety

Electrical safety is a critical concern, not just for the efficiency of operations but also for the protection of lives and property. Electrical accidents can lead to catastrophic consequences, making it essential for facilities like the Moradabad Bus Charging Depot to undergo regular safety audits. These audits are an integral part of risk management and compliance with safety standards.

Scope of the Audit

The scope of the audit included a comprehensive assessment of the following:

  1. Electrical Equipment: Evaluation of the condition, operational efficiency, and safety of all electrical equipment, including charging stations, transformers, switchgear, and distribution boards.
  2. Chargers: Assessment of the charging systems, their wiring, grounding, and compliance with safety standards.
  3. Lighting Arrestors: Examination of the lightning protection system to safeguard against electrical surges.
  4. Earthing Systems: Inspection of the grounding systems to ensure effective fault current dispersion.

Audit Process

Our team, comprised of experienced electrical safety auditors, conducted a thorough examination of the Moradabad Bus Charging Depot. The audit involved the following steps:

  1. Visual Inspection: A visual inspection of all electrical equipment to identify visible signs of wear, damage, or potential hazards.
  2. Functional Testing: Operational testing of charging equipment to ensure they function properly without any undue heating, sparking, or other anomalies.
  3. Electrical Measurements: Voltage, current, and resistance measurements were taken at various points in the electrical system to verify that they fell within acceptable limits.
  4. Safety Standards Compliance: A review of the charging depot’s safety procedures and equipment to ensure compliance with Indian and international electrical safety standards.

Audit Findings and Recommendations

Elion Technologies and Consulting Private Limited identified several issues during the audit, which required immediate attention to enhance electrical safety:

  1. Earthing System Enhancement: The grounding system needed improvement to reduce ground resistance and ensure efficient fault current dissipation.
  2. Lightning Arrestor Maintenance: The lightning arrestor system required routine maintenance to ensure it could effectively protect against electrical surges.
  3. Charger Wiring and Labeling: Some chargers had loose or exposed wiring, posing a potential hazard. Proper labeling and color-coding of cables were recommended for safety.
  4. Equipment Maintenance Plan: The depot was advised to establish a comprehensive maintenance plan for all electrical equipment to ensure ongoing safety and functionality.


The Moradabad Bus Charging Depot, managed by the Moradabad Municipal Corporation, has taken proactive steps towards ensuring electrical safety by engaging Elion Technologies and Consulting Private Limited for a thorough electrical audit. By addressing the issues highlighted in the audit, the depot aims to create a safer environment for its employees and passengers while extending the lifespan of its electrical equipment.

Electrical safety audits are an integral part of risk management and compliance with safety standards, and they play a crucial role in preventing accidents and minimizing downtime.

If you have any questions about electrical safety audits or need similar services, do not hesitate to contact Elion Technologies and Consulting Private Limited. We are committed to making your facilities safer and more efficient.

Remember, electrical safety should never be compromised. It’s the cornerstone of every functional and secure electrical system.

Stay safe, stay powered!