January 10, 2024

Elion – Illuminating Cost Savings and Sustainability at a Haryana Healthcare Provider


Elion Technologies & Consulting Pvt. Ltd is proud to showcase its commitment to empowering sustainable healthcare through a recent project at a leading healthcare provider in Haryana. This case study highlights the effectiveness of Energy Audits in identifying hidden inefficiencies, optimizing energy consumption within healthcare facilities, and ultimately creating a healthier and more cost-effective environment for both patients and staff.

Project Overview:

Our client, a renowned healthcare provider in Haryana, recognized the crucial role of efficient energy management in reducing operational costs, minimizing their environmental impact, and contributing to a more sustainable healthcare system. They engaged Elion Technologies to conduct a comprehensive energy audit, seeking to illuminate potential waste and optimize their energy utilization across their diverse healthcare facilities.

Energy Audit


  • Our experienced energy auditors meticulously assessed the entire healthcare complex, including:
    • Patient wards, operating rooms, and administrative offices.
    • Medical equipment, HVAC systems, and lighting arrangements.
    • Water heating systems and laundry facilities.
    • Building envelope and insulation levels.
  • We monitored and analyzed energy consumption patterns across different facilities and equipment categories.
  • We conducted on-site inspections and reviewed operational procedures to identify areas for improvement.
  • We utilized advanced data analysis tools and energy modeling software to quantify potential savings and prioritize recommendations.

Unveiling Energy Drainers and Operational Inefficiencies:

The energy audit revealed several areas for improvement:

  • Outdated equipment: Inefficient medical equipment and aging HVAC systems consumed significant amounts of energy.
  • Poor lighting practices: Traditional lighting fixtures in patient wards and offices contributed to unnecessary energy wastage.
  • Unoptimized HVAC operations: Lack of automation and control measures led to inefficient temperature management and energy leakage.
  • Hot water inefficiencies: Outdated water heating systems and poorly insulated pipes resulted in unnecessary energy consumption for hot water supply.
  • Behavioral factors: Lack of awareness among staff regarding energy-saving practices further contributed to inefficiencies.

Tailored Solutions for Sustainable Healthcare:

Based on these findings, we provided a detailed report with prioritized recommendations, including:

  • Upgrading to energy-efficient medical equipment and implementing smart controls.
  • Retrofitting offices and patient wards with LED lighting and occupancy sensors.
  • Automating HVAC systems and implementing demand control strategies.
  • Replacing outdated water heating systems and improving pipe insulation.
  • Raising awareness and implementing energy-saving practices among staff and patients.


By diligently implementing our recommendations, the Haryana healthcare provider achieved remarkable results:

  • Significant energy cost savings: Reduced energy consumption led to substantial cost reductions, freeing up resources for further healthcare advancements.
  • Improved sustainability profile: Lower energy demand translated to a minimized environmental footprint, aligning with the healthcare provider’s commitment to responsible practices.
  • Enhanced patient and staff comfort: Optimized HVAC systems improved temperature control and created a more comfortable environment for patients and staff.
  • Demonstrable leadership in sustainability: Implementing energy-saving measures positioned the healthcare provider as a leader in sustainable healthcare, garnering trust and reputation within the community.


This case study exemplifies the power of Elion Technologies’ energy audits in empowering healthcare institutions towards a sustainable and cost-effective future. By providing data-driven insights and customized solutions, we helped this Haryana healthcare provider not only reduce their energy costs and environmental impact but also create a more comfortable and efficient healthcare environment for its patients and staff.

Elion Technologies & Consulting Pvt Ltd is your trusted partner for comprehensive energy solutions for the healthcare sector. We offer a wide range of services, from energy audits and energy management systems to solar power solutions and renewable energy consulting.

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