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ELION is a highly trusted consultant for many different government agencies, public companies, and private businesses. We believe that excellence in business can be achieved by leveraging available technology in order to optimize costs and it is this principle which guides our team of experts and advisors while they draw upon their many years of experience across a broad range of industries. You can always rely on our teams of experts to provide you with specialised and customised solutions, no matter where you are in the world or what industry you are in.

Our team of consultants is built from a dynamic mix of young professionals guided by industry veterans who have respectively accumulated over four decades of experience as Safety, Electrical, Mechanical, and Chemical Engineers, Doctors, Financial Experts as well as Ex Defence Personnel. Our clients know that whatever their HSE and Energy needs may be, Elion is the resource that can provide them with the knowledge & expertise to support the improvements. Our capabilities are unique because of our versatility and industry experience that we have.

Each auditor with Elion understands the responsibility that a client gives to them when bringing them onto a project, and takes pride in doing their work in a manner that will advance the client’s objectives. Elion shows its versatility in the vast array of industries it successfully completes work in.

Our History

In 2010, the company was incorporated with a primary focus on conducting Energy Audits and Safety Audits. Over the years, it has grown and diversified its services as follows:

In 2011, the company expanded its services to include Environmental Audits, Telecom, and IT, marking its presence in Mumbai and Bangalore.

The year 2012 saw further expansion as the company added services like Thermography, Harmonics analysis, Security audits, and Ergonomics assessments, including comprehensive training programs.

In 2013, the company extended its operations to Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Chennai, broadening its geographical reach.

By 2014, the company had achieved a significant milestone, conducting studies at 5000 unique locations, showcasing its expertise and experience.

In 2015, the company was empanelled with prestigious organizations such as the Gujarat Energy Development Agency and the Directorate of Energy – Government of Himachal Pradesh.

The year 2016 marked important registrations and empanelments as the company became a registered Micro SME with the Government of India and was empanelled with the Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Development Agency.

In 2017, the company registered with NSIC and initiated an R & D division, partnering on the Thermotect project with institutions like IIT Ropar, TWI-UK, and receiving support from GITA and DST India.

In 2018, the company ventured into EHAZOP (Hazard and Operability) Studies, with expertise from the UK, and reached a milestone of conducting successful audits at 20,000 facilities.

By 2019, the company had expanded its operations globally, providing support to international clients in over 30 countries. It also launched an E-Learning Safety Portal.

In 2020, the company adapted to the changing landscape by introducing Remote Audits and assisting businesses with Back to Office support, offering safety resources such as posters, guidebooks, and audits.

In 2021, the company added End-to-End Certification for ISO to its repertoire, offering training, documentation, and certification services.

Today, Elion’s primary focus remains on delivering superior audit and consultancy solutions and certification services to its clients.

Looking to the future, Elion is committed to maintaining its independence and progressive approach, striving to create lasting value for its clients as it continues to grow and evolve.

Strength-Our People

At Elion, we believe our strength is the workforce, our team comprises Engineers from various fields -Electrical, Mechanical, Safety, IT, MBA-Finance, Energy, Doctors and Retired Defence Personal. Our auditors have plenteous knowledge and experience in their fields. They have acquired various qualifications like BEE Certified Energy Auditors & Managers, Class-I Electrical License Holder, OHSAS Lead Auditor, British Five Star Approved Auditor, IFE Lead Auditor, MSC Occupation Medicine, NSIC safety auditor, Level 1 Thermography Certification and many more.

At Elion, we believe that our employees are our biggest asset. That’s why we invest in their development and provide them with various training opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Our in-house training programs cover a wide range of topics, from technical skills to soft skills. We also encourage our employees to take external training programs and certification courses to further broaden their skillset.

Apart from our in-house consultant, we also have a team of external experts who are available to our employees for consultation. These experts are from a wide range of fields, including management, technology, and operations.

Elion has tie-up with experts from a prestigious institutes like Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Management.

Safety Audit

Welcome to Elion, your dedicated partner in safety audit and consultancy services.

Safety Audit

Our all-encompassing audit evaluates every aspect of your operations, and suggesting robust safety measures.
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Energy Audit

Welcome to Elion Technologies your trusted partner in sustainable energy solutions.

Energy Audit

Our mission is to empower businesses with Energy Audit Services for Efficiency, helping you unlock hidden potential and drive cost savings.
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Welcome to Elion Technologies and Consulting Pvt. Ltd., a leading name in the field of thermography since 2010.


At Elion Technologies, we understand the critical role that thermography plays in various industries, from preventive maintenance to quality assurance.
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Green Audit

Welcome to Elion Technologies a pioneering name in the realm of sustainability since 2010.

Green Audit

With a steadfast commitment to environmental, we take immense pride in offering expert and certified Green Audit services.
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Why Choose Us

Inventive Approach, Sustainable Successes



A decade of expertise

With a decade of expertise, Elion has become a trusted authority in the industry. Our extensive experience spans various sectors, enabling us to navigate diverse challenges with confidence. We are committed to delivering exceptional results, building strong client relationships based on trust and exceeding expectations. As we eagerly embark on the next decade of growth and innovation, our unwavering dedication to innovation and client-centric solutions continues to drive success and elevate exceptional experiences for our valued clients in every project we undertake.



Completed projects

With a portfolio of successfully completed projects, Elion has proven its capabilities and expertise in delivering exceptional outcomes. We have a track record of executing diverse projects across various sectors, showcasing our ability to adapt to different requirements and exceed client expectations. Our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and efficient project management have been instrumental in our success. As we continue to undertake new and challenging projects, we remain dedicated to upholding our well-earned reputation for excellence.



Satisfied customers

With a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, Elion takes pride in delivering results that exceed expectations. Our commitment to exceptional service, tailored solutions, and attentive support has earned us a loyal base of 100% satisfied customers. We strive to understand our clients’ unique needs, going above and beyond to ensure their success and complete satisfaction. At Elion, we measure our achievements not only by the successful completion of projects but also by the long-term relationships we have fostered with our delighted customers.