January 2, 2024

Securing a Vital Lifeline with Lightning Protection Study at Bahadurgarh Oil Terminal


Elion Technologies & Consulting Pvt Ltd is proud to showcase its commitment to protecting critical infrastructure through a recent project at the Bahadurgarh Oil Terminal in Haryana. This case study highlights the effectiveness of our Lightning Protection Study (LPS) in ensuring the safety and operational continuity of this vital lifeline for the region.

Project Overview:

Oil terminals are not only strategically important assets but also highly susceptible to lightning strikes due to their tall structures and flammable materials. A direct hit could lead to devastating consequences, including explosions, fires, environmental damage, and even loss of life. Recognizing this critical risk, the Bahadurgarh Oil Terminal partnered with Elion Technologies to conduct a comprehensive LPS to assess their existing lightning protection system and ensure compliance with international safety standards.

Lighting Arrestor Testing


Our team of experienced engineers adopted a multi-pronged approach:

  • Detailed Site Survey: We meticulously inspected the entire terminal, including storage tanks, pipelines, pumping stations, and electrical infrastructure.
  • Risk Assessment: We analyzed the lightning strike probability for the region, focusing on the terminal’s specific location and topography.
  • System Evaluation: We evaluated the existing lightning protection system, including air terminals, down conductors, earthing network, and surge protection devices.
  • Software Simulation: We utilized advanced software to model the behavior of lightning strikes on the terminal, identifying potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.

Findings and Recommendations:

The LPS revealed several shortcomings in the existing system, including:

  • Incomplete coverage: Certain areas of the terminal lacked proper protection, leaving them vulnerable to direct strikes.
  • Inadequate earthing: The existing earthing network was not deep enough to provide optimal grounding for lightning energy.
  • Outdated materials: Some components of the system were outdated and did not meet current safety standards.
  • Surge protection gaps: Critical electrical equipment lacked adequate surge protection, exposing them to damage from lightning-induced transient voltages.

Based on these findings, we recommended a series of specific actions to address the vulnerabilities and enhance the overall lightning protection:

  • Installation of additional air terminals and down conductors: To ensure complete coverage of all critical areas.
  • Upgradation of the earthing network: To improve conductivity and safely dissipate lightning energy into the ground.
  • Replacement of outdated components: With modern, high-performance materials that meet international standards.
  • Installation of surge protection devices: To shield electrical equipment from damaging voltage spikes.


By implementing Elion Technologies’ recommendations, the Bahadurgarh Oil Terminal achieved significant improvements in its lightning protection:

  • Enhanced security: The upgraded system significantly reduced the risk of lightning strikes causing damage or disruptions.
  • Improved operational continuity: The terminal’s vital operations are now better protected from lightning-related downtime and potential hazards.
  • Compliance with safety regulations: The upgraded system ensures compliance with international standards for lightning protection in oil and gas facilities.
  • Peace of mind: The terminal management gained valuable assurance knowing their critical infrastructure was adequately protected against the ever-present threat of lightning.


This case study demonstrates the crucial role of a comprehensive LPS in safeguarding critical infrastructure such as oil terminals. Elion Technologies’ expertise and commitment to safety helped the Bahadurgarh Oil Terminal mitigate a significant risk and ensure the continued delivery of this vital resource to the region.

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