March 31, 2024

PGI: PGI launches power audit to make buildings fire-proof | Chandigarh News


CHANDIGARH: Alarmed by the recent fires, PGI has begun electrical audit of each building to prevent fires and sparks due to frequent falls during summer.
As part of the measures, dedicated electrical wiring has been provided to the air conditioners on the fourth and fifth floors of Nehru Hospital, the oldest building on the campus, to ensure there is no power strain.
“We have initiated an internal audit to avoid any mishaps during the summer season, which will be carried out at all centres of the institute,” PGI medical director Prof Vipin Kaushal said.
As Nehru Hospital does not have centralised air conditioning, wards, offices and other areas have been fitted with split or window air conditioners, which have separate wiring and load capacity.

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