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Energy Audit Uttarakhand Consultancy & Services

Are you looking for energy audit in Uttarakhand. For  quick response for your energy audit requirement at Uttarakhand call Elion at 9013890526 or email us at [email protected]

Elion Technologies and consulting firm is leading energy audit firm which regularly carrying out energy audit for all types of Buildings and Industries including Hotels, Hospital, Residential, School, Manufacturing Industries, Chemical Plants, Power Plants, FMCG, Moulding, Mines and many more.

Elion offers customized energy audit solution for its client. Our energy audit are carried out by BEE Certified and Accredited Energy Auditors. Elion BEE Certified and Accredited energy auditor are equipped with all kinds of instrument for carrying out energy in Uttarakhand.

At Elion, we help our customers in improving the energy efficiency of their facility and aligning current consumption with current industry benchmarks.

Elion is an Energy Consulting Company offering comprehensive, customized energy saving solutions to our customers. We provide end to end solutions to our clients designed to meet their energy requirements. We carry out both Walk Through and detailed Energy Audits in Uttarakhand..

Our team consists of certified Energy Auditors from the BEE(Bureau of Energy Efficiency), an agency of the Government of India. Our certified Energy Auditors are the best in class and are very well experienced. Our Auditors have worked all across India helping hundreds of companies. Our company has over 25 years of expertise in carrying out Energy Audits in Uttarakhand for a variety of facilities including hospitals, hotels, residential buildings, small, medium and large scale industrial plants and more. Our teams are equipped with all necessary instruments such as Power Analyzers, Flue Gas Analyzers, Ultra Sonic Flow Meters, Lux Meters, and Tachometers.

Our Energy Audit in Uttarakhand will analyze your energy systems and provide a full report on your current electricity and thermal consumption and annual energy spend. It would include specific energy savings proposals along with the associated repayment period of current energy related debt. We carry out thorough studies of the existing electrical and thermal system of your facility.

Services offered by us include:

– Walk Through Energy Audit in Uttarakhand
– Comprehensive and Detailed Energy Audit in Uttarakhand
– Monitoring of Energy Audit in Uttarakhand Efficiency Projects (Includes undertaking, implementation and project monitoring).

Our customers have achieved substantial and tangible benefits in terms of cash flow and higher productivity. The crux of our advisory services lies in redesigning the production cycles to reduce energy consumption and achieve higher efficiency.

We have developed a comprehensive methodology for conducting production appraisals and demonstrating the direct benefits of projects undertaken in terms of cash flow and as revenue items on your balance sheet.
The focus of our Energy Audit in Uttarakhand is to implement No Cost and Low Cost measures which can help our clients see immediate savings.

Energy Audit in Uttarakhand Procedure

Audit is aimed at improving the energy efficiency of their facility and aligning current consumption with current industry benchmarks.

Step 1– A complete survey of the facility/ plant will be conducted by us, detailing the current energy consumption taking place. Measuring and monitoring is done using all appropriate instrumentation.

Step 2 – Exhaustive energy audit in Uttarakhand is carried out on the facility by a certified energy auditor, who evaluates the current consumption of energy in the plant against the set industry benchmarks. In depth analysis are done.

Step 3 – Recommendations are made on the basis of the auditor’s findings. The report includes low cost/no cost measures and any energy proposal needing capital expenditure along with repayment of outstanding debt.

Step 4 – We would help you implement these findings and convert them into energy savings.

Areas Covered by Electrical Energy Audit in Uttarakhand

• Electrical Distribution Network and Transformers
• Motors, Belt, Pump, Fans & Drives
• Illumination System
• Compressed Air System
• Cooling Tower
• Refrigeration Systems, AHU, Chillers, HVAC,VAM
• DG sets

Areas Covered by Thermal Energy Audit in Uttarakhand

• Boilers
• Steam Distribution
• Insulation
• Ventilation System
• Hydraulic Systems
• Heat Exchangers
• Furnaces, Boilers, Ovens
• Steam Traps

List of Energy Audit Instrument

S. NoName of the InstrumentIntended Use
1Three Phase & Single Phase Power AnalyserUsed to measure, record real time Power Consumption, analysis of electrical load, demandcontrol, harmonics and transient. It is done without interrupting the connections.
2LuxmeterUsed for measurement of illumination level
3Digital MultimeterUsed for measurement of voltage. Current and resistance.
4Non-Contact TachometerUsed for measurement of speed of rotation equipment.
5Thermo-hygrometerUsed for measurement of air velocity & humidification, ventilation, Air-conditioning and refrigeration systems etc. Also used for calculation of dew point to find out the heat being carried away by outgoing gases in industries. Where product drying requires hot air.
6Anemometer Used for measuring the flow and speed of Air in air conditioning
7Digital Temperature & Humidity monitorUsed for measurement and monitoring of temperature and humidity
8Ultrasonic Flow MeterUsed for measurement of flow of liquids through pipelines of various sizes through ultrasonic sensors mounted on the pipelines.
9Flue Gas AnalysersUsed for optimizing the combustion efficiency by measuring/monitoring the oxygen and CO levels in flue gas of boilers, furnaces etc. and calculation of CO2 percentage in excess air level and efficiency.
10Temperature IndicatorsUsed for measuring temperatures of gases/air, liquids, slurries, semi solids, powders etc. Using different types of probes.
11ThermalInsulation scanner/Thermal ImagerUsed for measuring loss of energy from hot/cold insulated surfaces. Temperatures is measured from a distance using infrared technology
12Digital ManometerUsed for measurement of differential pressure.


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