January 2, 2024

Elion Technologies Ensures Safety and Compliance with Electrical Safety Audit in Visakhapatnam Engineering Service


Elion Technologies & Consulting Pvt. Ltd takes pride in its commitment to electrical safety, as showcased in a recent project with an Engineering Service in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. This case study highlights the effectiveness of our Electrical Safety Audit (ESA) in identifying potential hazards, ensuring compliance with regulations, and preventing electrical accidents within the facility.

Project Overview:

Our client, a reputable Engineering Service provider in Visakhapatnam, recognized the importance of ensuring a safe and compliant electrical environment for its employees and equipment. They engaged Elion Technologies to conduct a comprehensive ESA of their facility, covering all electrical systems and components.

Electrical Audit Services


Our experienced electrical engineers meticulously inspected the entire facility, utilizing a multi-pronged approach:

  • Visual Inspection: Checking for visible signs of damage, wear and tear, and unsafe practices.
  • Testing and Measurements: Analyzing voltage levels, grounding resistance, and equipment functionality.
  • Document Review: Evaluating electrical drawings, maintenance records, and safety documentation.
  • Interviews and Observations: Gaining insights into safety procedures, employee understanding, and potential concerns.

Compliance Focus:

We specifically assessed the facility’s adherence to relevant electrical safety regulations, including:

  • The Electricity Act, 2003: Covering general electrical safety requirements for installations and equipment.
  • Central Electricity Board (CEB) Guidelines: Addressing specific safety measures for industrial and commercial facilities.
  • IEC International Standards: Providing best practices for electrical safety and equipment performance.

Findings and Recommendations:

The ESA revealed several areas requiring attention, including:

  • Outdated equipment: Some electrical components and wiring did not meet current safety standards and posed potential hazards.
  • Inadequate grounding: The earthing system required improvements to ensure proper conductivity and protection against fault currents.
  • Improper labeling and tagging: Lack of clear identification on switchboards and wires created confusion and increased risk of accidental shutdowns or contact with energized components.
  • Insufficient safety procedures: Existing protocols needed updating to comply with regulations and address specific hazards identified within the facility.

Based on these findings, we provided a detailed report with prioritized recommendations, including:

  • Upgrading or replacing outdated equipment: To meet safety standards and improve reliability.
  • Enhancement of the earthing system: To improve safety and protect equipment from damage.
  • Implementation of a comprehensive labeling and tagging system: To improve electrical safety awareness and prevent accidents.
  • Development and training on revised safety procedures: To ensure employee awareness and compliance with best practices.


By implementing our recommendations, the Engineering Service achieved significant improvements in their electrical safety:

  • Enhanced risk mitigation: Addressing identified hazards minimized the potential for electrical accidents and equipment damage.
  • Improved compliance: Adherence to relevant regulations ensured legal compliance and avoided potential fines or penalties.
  • Increased employee safety and confidence: Updated procedures and awareness training created a safer working environment and instilled confidence in employees.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Proactive identification and mitigation of potential issues prevented major breakdowns and associated repair costs.


This case study demonstrates the crucial role of a comprehensive ESA in maintaining a safe and compliant electrical environment. Elion Technologies’ expertise and commitment to safety helped the Visakhapatnam Engineering Service significantly improve their electrical safety practices, safeguarding both employees and equipment while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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