Risk Assessment & HAZOP Study

Any industry needs to identify the potential hazards and operability problems caused by ‘deviations from the design intent’ to prioritize control measures for managing risks. Periodic Risk Assessment and HAZOP Studies allow systematic review of an organization’s safety management system to evaluate the status of safety management system and to take suitable corrective measures to reduce the level of risks. Our risk assessment gives you peace of mind as you know you are complying with the law, you know that your staff are trained, you know that you have done everything reasonably practicable to protect staff (and others) and you have documented these actions.

Elion’sRisk Assessment Studywill help you to run your business safely, reduce the risk of accidents, improve morale, enhance your safety culture and have a direct positive effect on your bottom line. By identifying what activities, substances, machinery, etc could cause harm and to whom, you can establish if you are doing enough to control that harm. Sometimes it may mean removing the harm completely, such as noxious fumes, other times it may mean a combination of guards, safe systems, training and protective equipment, such as when using machinery.

Elion has carried out various HAZOPStudies, Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment and Safety Audits as per the requirements of National/ International standards.

To schedule Risk Assessmentsor HAZOP Studiesemail us at safety@elion.co.in or call 011-28541888 or 09013890526