What is Energy Audit

Energy audit is a technical check of energy use, as in a home or factory, to monitor and evaluate consumption.It is an holistic survey which is carried out to identify how efficiently energy is being consumed and what are the way we can reduce the energy consumption without affecting the output.

Energy Audit can be classified into following types

Walk Through Energy Audit

Detailed Energy Audit


Walk Through Energy Audit

Walk Through Energy Audit  includes survey of the facility without use of any instrument.The data available on the plant is analysed to estimate the quantum of saving that are possible.The energy auditor carried out series of interview with facility personal to identify the energy saving that are possible.These kinds of survey are carried out for 1-2 days and proposed saving depends upon experience of the auditor.On basis of walk through energy audit it can be decided to go for detailed energy audit or not.

Detailed Energy Audit

Detailed energy audit involves complete survey and checking of the machinery,equipment like motor,furnance,boiler,air conditioning system,compressor to evaluate their efficiency and identify how to reduce energy consumption in them.Instrument like power analyzer,gas analyzer,flow meter,thermal imager etc are used to measure various parameter.Process of the plant is also studied.The data collected is analyzed and on the basis of that energy saving proposal are given.

Elion carried out both type of energy audit.