Ventilation Survey & Study

Ventilation Survey & Study

Ventilation Survey and study are carried out to gather data that express quantity of pressure,quantify air flow distribution and air quality in the premises.
Main aim of the ventilation study is protect the workers from lung disease and asthma.It is important to have correct air flow in all the area so that proper air can be breathed which safeguards the worker health.

Elion is carrying out ventilation Survey and Study  as per various national and international standard.Testing is carried out by expertise Elion Engineer who visit the site and collect relevant data.During the study test is carried out to measure air velocities and take pressures at different location in  facility.
Each location of the facility shall be tested and remedial measures to improve the ventilation system in the building shall be provided.

Survey and study are carried out  as per BIS Standards,OISD Standards,ASHARE Standards & other national/international standards.

We have supported our number of clients in carrying out such studies.

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