Health & Hygiene COVID19 Safety Audit,SOP Preparation and Training

The recent COVID19 has bring lost of challenges world wide.This has lead to new challenge in work place to maintain Health and Hygiene at Highest Level in any work place.

It has become very critical that all required precaution are being taken at organisation and individual level to prevent the spread of COVID19.Elion with there expertise is helping its customer to achieve the goal of COVID FREE  WORKPLACE.At Elion we are recommending following steps to be taken to  prevent spread of COVID 19

–>Preparation of Standard Operating Procedure for Workplace,this includes sanitation,cleaning and other schedule.

–>Emergency Plan for Organisation in case of detection of any COVID19  case

–>Checklist for daily,weekly and monthly checks for maintaining required health and hygiene in the organisation.

–>Regular training to employee for working with safety,travelling with safety and safety at home

These documents can be prepared internally or Elion can assists.

We strongly recommend all clients to get  external Health and Hygiene COVID19 Safety Audit,Document Review and Covid19 Safety Training program for employee to ensure the steps taken are as per Local Government Guidelines and International Standards.

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